Seylan Baxter

Scottish Folk Cellist, Actress and Folk SInger

Hello and welcome! The site is divided into two sections: actress and musician. You'll find a CV, videos etc. in each.

Music - Broken Cello

Very bad news about my cello. Leaving the teaching premises I answered a phone call and a gust of wind blew the cello over. The case didn't protect it and the neck snapped. Although I'd been insuring it every year since I bought it I'd accidentally let the insurance lapsed in the upheaval with house removals. 

So my cello is currently with its maker (!)... Eric Jackson - nobody better to a perfect repair job. 

I composed two tunes - Windblown, a gentle march and Hard Case, a reel full of cross rhythms and best played at breakneck speed, and recorded three, including Wullie Baxter, written for my dad a couple of Christmases ago. You'll find some clips in the music and video pages and can buy the track in the shop. All proceeds will be going towards paying for the rapairs.