Seylan Baxter

Scottish Folk Cellist, Actress and Folk SInger

Hello and welcome! The site is divided into two sections: actress and musician. You'll find a CV, videos etc. in each.

So I finally have a website...

It's been a while coming - I paid somebody to design a website for me back in January but they took the money and ran. Maybe that was a good thing though as it made me think, what the heck, I'll do one myself...

Come in and have a look around. I plan to add a gallery soon and more links. And I might even write something in this blog from time to time!

I'll also change the background photos from time to time. Currently the home page is a photo by Anna Wiraska, taken while I was recording for Gerda Stevenson's album, Night Touches Day, and the image on the rest of the site is by Ruaridh Pringle.

What's new? Well I'm delighted to say that Best Man, the short film that I produced and wrote the screenplay for is complete. I ended up editing it too (respect for film editors - I had no idea how important their job is!) and also composing and playing the score for it, which was recorded by my Tattie Jam partner in musical crime, Ruaridh Pringle. Ru also had a massive creative input into the music and was my co-producer on the film as well as taking the lovely stills.

I've now got an idea brewing for a comedy short - more on that if it comes to fruition.