Seylan Baxter

Scottish Folk Cellist, Actress and Folk SInger

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Skeleton Wumman

Music, which is integral to the telling of the whole piece, is made even more so by Seylan Baxter. Stroked, sampled and looped, her six-string electric cello – itself a skeletal creation – provides a soundtrack that can be as eerie as the slow drift of the tides or as threatening as the opening of the gates of hell. When needed, she provides the occasional character as easily as she lifts another note from her instrument.

Thom Dibdin, All Edinburgh Theatre, April ‘14


there’s a mystical deeply poetic aspect of this tale-captured in Seylan Baxter’s gorgeous live fiddle music

The Scotsman, April ‘14


ethereal music (the live score by musician/performer Seylan Baxter is utterly spell-binding) Lorna Irvine, Across the Arts, April ‘14


Seylan Baxter (whose live music swirls shifting moods and atmospheric colours throughout)

Mary Brennan, the Herald, April ‘14


Tattie Jam

"Richly textured with crunchy harmony and unusual flavours, this is not M&S jam, it's home-made in Scotland by the unique pairing of cello, frets, and and the voices of Seylan Baxter and Ruaridh Pringle. 

Scotland on Sunday


both are excellent solo singers, with an unerring ability to harmonise with each other as a bonus, I must emphasise that their instrumental skills are also second to none. Seylan, playing a five-string electric instrument, coaxes with her determinedly syncopated bow-strokes some of the most attractively funky cello playing you're ever likely to encounter, balanced by an equally determined sensuous lyricality


"An outstanding performance of virtuoso musicianship, original compositions both vocal and instrumental, and great vocal harmonies..." Tarbat Crack


"Thoughtful, funny & serious and very entertaining

All Celtic Music

"If you want to see some skilled vocal harmonies and traditional Scottish folk - Tattie Jam will deliver it with personality and talent." Three Weeks